Geopathic Stress & Teslas Technologies

What is Geopathic Stress and how can Teslas Technologies Help?

We all live on this planet and there are many different types of energy that effect our well being, Teslas' Earth Therapy is all about clearing the energy fields around us and where we live and work.

When I first heard about Geopathic Stress I thought someone was trying to pull my leg. But once I let my ignorance go a whole lot of information started to come my way verifying the truth about this subject.

The link below is to a book that was written in the eighties and has a lot of valuable information in it regarding Geopathic Stress. I strongly recommend that you investigate it for yourself.

Fortunately since the writing of that book I have come across a brilliant resource for dissipating the effects of geopathic stress. This resource is known as Teslas’ Innovational Technologies and they work in a most amazing way and I have seen very positive results for myself and with people who use this technology.

The best way I could describe the effects of using this technology is that it returns everything back to nature or the way it should be. The Tesla Plates work as a trans muter of energy. They help to bring balance to earth energies, people's energies and restore balance to one's life.

The reason I list Teslas' technology under Therapies is that they can be used to clear energies that people pick up or have attached to them. They are also very effective in reducing other light frequencies that exist outside our visual range, like x-rays and radiation.

The Chakra and Practitioner plates are very valuable to anyone who wishes to enhance the way they work with people who's energy is out of balance. When your energy is out of balance it has a huge impact on your stress levels, and stress has proven to be the major underlying cause of disease.

Take the opprtunity to read the connection of Earth Lines - Tesla and You in the this PDF LINK

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