Scleragrahics - Look into Your Eyes

The fascinating merger of Sclerology & Foot Glyphology

Look into your eyes.... would you benefit from learning what stressors the red lines in the whites of your eyes mean?   Now look to your feet?  Do you have the matching lines on your feet?  Can you see where the stress is?

Dr Jack Tips explains more about the practice of Scleragraphics in this fascinating video.


What could this mean to you, your health and your client's well-being? Is this a tool you could use to help improve your clinical practise?  OR is this a tool to help you with your family and loved ones? How much would you pay for this skill?  What value do you place on knowledge? Do you see education as an investment in your future? WORLD FIRST!  Scleragraphics Training Pack with Dr Jack Tips.  Scleragraphics is the combination the art of reading the red lines in the eyes (Sclera) with lines on the bottom of the feet (Foot Glyphology).

Now available online

In this 12 Modulr training, filmed on location in Australia, you get everything you need to get started.  Online training videos, Manuals, Charts etc.   Two modalities combined into one!  Imagine the difference this knowledge can make to your clinical practice!

"Sclerology is a gift to the world, its people and creatures  for their health, freedom, and self-sufficiency. May it bless your life with the joy of health.”  Dr. Wheelwright – A.S. “Doc” Wheelwright.