Emotional Clearing with Young Living Essential Oils

Understanding our Emotions

There are a few premises that we need to understand if we are going to use Essential Oils to help Balance our emotions.

Let us begin our journey and begin with understanding what are emotions – if we look at it simply we have E – motions or energy in motion. Where does this energy come from as we all have emotions? As I don’t intend to do a thesis on this subject I would like to keep it simple but helpful.

Emotional Clearing with Young Living Essential Oils

First there is our mind, the generator of our thoughts, for nothing exists in your life without thought, which is interpreted by our brain, heart and senses to express our thoughts.

If we focus on these thoughts we generate pictures and ideas – then if we choose we give energy to these pictures and ideas. This energy brings them into a sharper focus.

As we intensify our focus we decide whether to give positive, negative or no feeling to our pictures.

If we decide to give positive feelings to our pictures and ideas we create the Energy which brings motion into play. Thus we have positive Emotions.

If we decide to give negative feelings to our pictures and ideas we create the Energy which brings motion into play. Thus we have negative Emotions.

If we decide to give no feeling to it, it will fade away with the other 90,000 thoughts we have each day.

Where do emotions come from?

The interesting thing that makes an emotion strong or weak is the feedback loop it creates with our feelings. Once the emotion begins it starts to feed the feelings and as they intensify they in turn feed the emotion and the intensity of it begins to build.

The more intense the original thought the stronger the emotion can be. Likewise through the use of thought we can calm the emotion down. What determines what type of emotion we feel depends on the original thought and its original projection.

What determines what emotions we feel?

Let us go into an art gallery, the first painting we see is a beautiful field covered in green clover with a few strong trees with the sun shining over a pristine lake reflecting a few small clouds in the sky. In the middle of the lake is a small boat with a man laying back with a fishing rod in his hand.

If I was to ask you what you feel about this picture, what would your answer be? Providing you did not have a fear of water it would be very relaxing and stimulate thoughts along that theme. You could run with and start to build feelings and combine memories with it as well. Now you start to feel positive emotions. Some of those thoughts could be of a lover who you lay in a field just like the one you are looking at, played music and ate wonderful food. A smile comes across your face as the emotion of love fills your being. It may also generate sadness as this person may no longer be in your life.

While none of the above just happened, you saw it all in your mind’s eye as you were reading, you may even have felt the emotion of love or sadness. I think you are starting to get the picture of how thoughts are the instigators of our emotions.

This brings us to the next part of our enquiry to what stimulates our mind to begin our thoughts?

As much as I would love to answer this question in its entirety there have only been a few people in different places throughout the world and throughout the centuries and millenniums at any time who have known the answer to this question. I say this not to put you off, but the implications of these truths will change everything as you know it. The main premise of this statement is that nothing exists outside your thoughts or the thoughts of the divine mind, try as you may nothing can exist without thought.

With that being said I would like to bring it down a level to something the majority of people are comfortable with.

When we look at our five senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell these are the main interpretive centres of our thoughts. Each one of these senses can intensify our experience of thought and lead to stronger positive or negative emotions. All this information is recorded within our DNA. With the reoccurrence of the thought, past recorded information in the DNA is added to the current thought which in turn can lead to stronger emotions.

How much do emotions affect our lives?

For instance if you were bitten by a dog when you were young it could leave you with negative thoughts encoded into your DNA. From that point in time, every time you get close to a dog it could stimulate a negative thought that will be added to your current thought which in turn intensifies the emotion that you feel about dogs. Emotions and similar experiences like these if left unchecked can lead to all sorts of phobias to the point that people will not even leave their homes.

If we were to be totally honest with ourselves to see if any of these phobias at a lesser degree exist in our lives we would have to say yes. They can relate to food, places, people, work and much more.

Thoughts are Encoded in DNA

The big question that is asked at this point is how do we clear this encoded information from our DNA and take control of our thoughts to bring our emotions back into balance so that our perceptions of life are healthy and in harmony with the life we want to live?

How do Essential Oils help balance our emotions?

Awareness is the first ingredient in our remedy to this question. If we are aware of the process to how we got to this point we can then take the next steps to deprogram the DNA. In ancient time the Egyptians had a three day process they would go through to help them to prepare for the next life. It was a ceremony they said was to cleanse them of evil deities which we would call negative emotions. They would use certain essential oils to complete this process; in particular Spikenard was one of the essential oils they used in this process. Spikenard has been found to change the spin of the DNA erasing the negative encoding that was in the DNA.

Egyptian Essential Oil Ritual - Spikenard

In an interesting story in the bible, in the month leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary poured a large amount of Spikenard over the feet of Jesus in preparation for his coming death. There was quite a large discussion amongst his disciples over the cost of the Spikenard oil as it was equal to a year’s wages and some of them thought the money would of been better used given to the poor. What they did not realize was that Jesus needed to clear his DNA from all the negative encoding from his ancestor so that he could go through the trials in the garden of Gethsemane.

How do we master our emotions?

What has since been found out since ancient times is the way in which real essential oils blend in with the DNA at a vibrational frequency level and help readjust the information that is encoded in the DNA and leave no residue behind. The audio that comes with this article will help to explain this in greater detail.

Forgiveness is an important part in clearing the DNA . If we don’t forgive and let go of the situation that started the negative encoding in the first place it will just keep rewriting itself back into the DNA. If it is something we have done that is wrong then we need to:

Confess it – you must straight forwardly acknowledge the wrong but also frankly comprehend what motives were in play and bluntly recognise what forces led you to commit it. No human confessor is needed for this purpose.

Repent of it, you must not only reject those motives and forces as belonging to the baser self but also desire to transcend them. This self self-censure must be strong and sincere or your whole effort will be useless

Amendment, you must make just compensation to the person you have wronged as may now be possible.

Resignation, having done all that is humanly possible about it, you should free yourself from the sorrow of this unpleasantness of the past and loosen yourself from the bondage of the memory.

Only after this can you hand over the wrong and its karmic consequences to your higher self and find peace.

With all of the above being said we can now move forward to help enhance our thoughts, make better decisions and make use of positive things to help us bring our emotions into harmony. While I acknowledge that this subject needs a lot more to be said I think you have the drift.

Which Oils work best?

In keeping with our subject we will look at the essential oils that will enhance our ability to harmonise our emotions. I mentioned in the introduction to week five about the Essential Oil blend called Joy and how it helped to release the grief from the loss of my daughter. Anyone who is suffering from the loss of a loved one will truly find this blend a blessing to them and a help to process the grief.

We will also look at the following blends, their name gives you the clue to what they are for:

And the single oils of:

The CD we have available in the purchase section under meditation called Set Yourself Free is designed to use the above oils with guided meditation to free your emotions.

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