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Teslas Personal Pendant Range
Teslas Laptop and Tablet Set

Teslas Products Made in Australia - Buy Online

Choose from a wide range of personal Teslas products in our Healthy E-SHOP.

Looking for Teslas Car Plates, Teslas Personal Pendants, Teslas Phone Tags, or going to 'do the whole home' with a Teslas Home Kit?   Have a large property or a farm, think about the Teslas Farm Plate.  Or want a plate to take to work, how about the Teslas Computer Plate?

Do  you work as a practitioner?  Maybe a Teslas Chakra Balancer or a Teslas Practitioner Plate sounds more like you.  Made in Australia and used around the world.

Do you need a Tesla's for your water with Teslas Water Kits or perhaps the wiring in the walls - the Teslas Electron Stabiliser is here for you.

Want more information?  See our Teslas Photo Album on our Facebook Page  

Take the opportunity to read the connection of Earth Lines - Tesla and You in this PDF LINK          

Phone Tag now $60.00

Childs Pendant now $60.00

All Teen Pendants now $70.00

All Adult Pendants now $95.00

Pocket Plate now $115.00 (previously called the Travel Plate)

Computer Plate now $135.00

Small Practitioner Plate now $130.00

Large Practitioner Plate now $305.00

Chakra Balancer now $665.00

Car Travel Plate now $415.00

14sided House Plate now $535

Octagonal House Plate now $535

Small Oyster Plate now $535

Farm Plate now $1030.00

Water Kit now $275.00

Electron Stabiliser now $560.00

Small Water Kit (set of 2) now $355

House Kit now $1865

Appartment Kit now $1930

We will soon be loading video clips to show you how to install and use your Tesla's products.  Please bookmark this page and pop back in regularly to see the improvements. Thank YOU!