Teslas Vortex Chamber

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Teslas Personal Vortex Chamber Is A Game Changer

There are many things in our life that create a dis-connection in our lives. Finding our way back can sometimes be a hard road. This Teslas Personal Votex Chamber address this problem helping people experience Re-Connection.

Vortex Chamber Introduction

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Teslas Personal Vortex Chamber

When you are in the Tesla's Personal Vortex Chamber the energy moves in figure 8 patterns bringing about reconnection on many levels to the person within. If ever there was a time when we needed to be reconnected with who we really are, it is now with all the changes that are taking place on the planet.
With the benefits and ease of use, it can be shipped and installed by the purchaser and moved with relative ease when required.
Retail Price
$AUD 13,197.00