Young Living Lifestyle Event

A Mystical 3 hour event that will unfold the mysteries about You.
  • Discover how one cell and its encoded information became You  - a city of 100 trillion cells working to an Agenda.
  • Uncover the blue print of your cells and what part hereditary, predestination, choice and genetics shaped the outcome of your 100 trillion cells.
  • Find out why cells go rogue and degenerate, speeding up the aging process.
  • Learn what the Ancient Egyptians knew about using essential oils to clear blocked emotions trapped within our cells.
  • Rediscover how an ancient Persian King took a orphan women named Esther, rejuvenated her cells and turned her into one of the most beautiful women in the world and made her Queen of his Kingdom. Beauty Therapy at its best.
  • Come on a journey to find the secrets of an ancient Chinese province that has helped people to live into their 100’s with a sound mind and faculties intact.
  • We will reveal one of the main factors for the 900 Japanese Okinawa Centenarians living their good lives with strong bones and vitality.
  • We will uncover how 500 years ago that certain people could go through deadly plague infected areas and not be affected in any way from viruses or bad bacteria.
  • Finally you will learn how to utilize this ancient knowledge and put it into good practical experience with the Young Living Lifestyle.
  • Your cells will be happy, you will be happy, your environment will be revitalised and the possibilities of much more energy, direction and clarity may become yours with the Young Living lifestyle.