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Our business is based in Maleny, overlooking the majestic Glass House Mountains. Our goal is to provide for you a Lifestyle Transformation Programme that offers a step by step path to healthy living in each of the five core areas: Mental, Energetic, Spiritual, Physical and Heart.

If you are looking to bring meaning to your life, then you may be at the right website for you!

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Discover the Teslas Transcender
Vibration in a new perspective

Have you ever wondered what part electricity plays in your life and it’s relationship to being well?

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Would you like to Upgrade Your DNA?

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Are you around technology all day?

Do you have a health issue that could be related to Electro-magnetic pollution, that won't go away?

Then this video on Teslas may be for you.

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7 Secrets to a Great Lifestyle

How to improve your energy and learn things about yourself in 30 Days or Less.


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Discover the power of Tesla's Deep Connection Technology.

Discover a Land of Mystery

Teslas Starhenge, Teslas Light Chamber and Teslas Vortex Chamber

For centuries people have travelled to the Great Pyramids to tap into the mystical energy that resides within the Kings Chamber. They have also travelled to Stonehenge in search of the ancient knowledge that hides within its boundaries. For the first time in recent history you can now experience this energy on the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne Australia through the new Teslas Starhenge. For more information visit:

Interview with Christopher Lewin by Jasmin Midgley. Aired Saturday 22nd August 2015 on 90.3 FM ABC Radio Sunshine Coast. Audio courtesy of Jasmin Midgley ABC Sunshine Coast. Copyright remains with ABC radio.

Tesla's Light Chamber

Teslas Light Chamber

Teslas Personal Vortex Chamber

Teslas Personal Vortex Chamber

Teslas Adult Transcender

Tesla's HeartSender

Tesla's Junior Transcender



Looking to find out Who you are? and Why you are here?

Pendulum has been channelled.
It is a theoretical framework for change.

The group channelled refer to themselves as:
“Intergalactical Emissaries for the Brotherhood of Light”
Whose task it is to travel through our Universe assisting in quantum leaps of evolution.

We have come to know them as:

“Sha Vrill”

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Energy, Frequencies & Vibrations


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