About Us

Christopher Lewin

With over 40 years in the alternative wellness sector, Christopher Lewin evolved from practitioner to educator of quantum biofeedback, remedial massage, inventor and energy-based modalities. He has now positioned himself in a leadership role in Australia to expand his vision of awareness, simply: “Everything we could possibly dream of is inside us.”

He believes we just need the tools and a universal-style education to access our potential. During his meditative moments in the rainforests of his land, he was inspired to create a legacy to share with others, as he unraveled the metaphoric mysteries in life that were revealed to him in nature. 

With his wisdom, you’ll discover the principles of how the “mind, body and spirit” rotate together in harmony when you are in the natural flow of life. These precious gems of knowledge are shared in his teachings and workshops.

Paul Brunton’s insight is a eloquent reminder of the importance to explore the depth of our being, which is made up with the following elements:

These components blend together to fashion both the outer form and inner texture of our perception, which soon become our memories from experiences set into play. Remember, only you can weave the tapestry of your destiny. Its patterned threads have a unique texture, colour and memory imprinted upon it by ingrained beliefs that may no longer serve you.  It is not only our vices we have to overcome, but also our virtues to create a balanced, fulfilling, pain free existence. We need to reweave our thoughts for the future. Let’s discover the universal truths together as the journey of this life continues to unfold, as your higher self gently guides you back onto your true Golden Path of your destiny that you chose to embark on before birth.

Golden Pathways to Harmony is located near Maleny, nestled in the mountains overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia. Our mission is to empower you to rediscover your potential and who you really are. Believe in your dreams with an open heart to receive the miraculous, and life will unfold in ways you never believed were possible.

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