The Teslas Starhenge

Teslas Starhenge - Stress Reduction and Chakra Alignment

The Teslas Starhenge intensifies Neutrinos to create an intense energy bath that harmonises the frequencies of the individual who is sitting in it. This in turn balances the vibrations back to one's Blue Print.

Many people have travelled to the Egyptian Pyramids to feel their energy or ventured to Stonehenge to feel the energy of a stone ring left by an ancient race. Now the same energy frequency they seek is here in Australia and soon to be in many parts of the world in the Teslas Starhenge.

Provides an incredible experience of energy by being immersed in a configuration of 98 Teslas Plates. This supports you on all levels. The Energy creates the Frequency which turns into Vibration that helps to reset your patterning. This in turn helps you to shift through the blockages that are holding you back in all areas of your life. Many say the experience is very nurturing, supportive, spiritual and centering.

The following video was filmed in 2014. We will place a follow up video as to what has transpired over the years under this one shortly.

Stress Reduction and Crown Chakra Opening - Results from being in the Teslas Multi Dimensional Oscillator
Stress Reduction
Crown Chakra