Profile Discovery Course by Christopher Lewin of GPTH

Handwriting Analysis, Face Profiling, Understanding Biorhythms and Essential Oils

Profile Discovery Course - Handwriting Analysis, Face Profiling, Understanding Biorhythms, Essential Oils

The Profiling Discovery Course is designed to give you a new set of life skills to enhance the quality of your life.

Understanding people and why they do things that just don't make sense can be very challenging at times. This course is designed to bring clarity to many unanswered questions that you have about people and yourself.

This course is made up of four different training's that work synergistic together to bring a solid understanding that has very practical application.

Handwriting Analysis:
The Handwriting 101 course is so valuable to be able to help you to understand your emotional world and what you can do to bring about lasting changes. I have found that it really helps me to see people not only from an emotional point but also what is holding them back in their lives. I remember many years ago being shocked by what my own handwriting revealed but was very thankful that I was able to correct it and then see the changes it made to my own personality.

Face Profiling: The face profiling modules are rich with information about peoples personalities and why some people fit better with certain people and not very well with others. Again this skill will help you to build better rapport with people and help you to understand family dynamics.

Understanding Biorhythms: Biorhythms have been included in this course for the reason it helps you to see the compatibility of people and to understand why certain days are much better than others. This knowledge when combined with Handwriting and Face profiling creates a much greater wealth of information to draw on when putting a profile or comparability profile together.

Essential Oils: The work of pure essential oils goes back thousands of years and have played a large part in emotional healing. Today we know that the amygdala plays a large in our emotional well being and the best way to access it is through smell. I am sure you will enjoy what this section of the course has to offer.