Being Human

What Makes You Different?

Understanding the recipe for a Human Being helps you to create a new way of being. This will improve your current outcomes, help you to know how to repair a Human Being and help you to understand what makes you different.

Being Human - What Makes You Different?



The Recipe:

These ingredients help to form your outer shell and your inner being. Weave into this your past thoughts and actions and you have exactly where your present thoughts and actions are today and where you will be tomorrow. It is only by taking hold of our present thoughts and actions we can bring about change of direction. The above ingredients play a big part in our thoughts and actions, by taking time to understanding how they form our lives will give us all that we need to set a new course or help us to strengthen the path we are already on.

Heredity is made up of your blood line and the thought patterns that come with it. Characteristics, which come with your facial profile and body structure, misaims and you’re personal Contract with life. Understanding the above will give you good insight why you do things the way you do.

Life Education is more than just going to school, it is about the choices you make to learn about life and what it has to offer you and wants of you. Those who fail to go on the quest to learn about life usually will end up having a cricket bat experience at some time or another to move them on. (Bam! Where did that come from?) This can come in many forms from emotional upheavals to environmental disasters, financial traumas or just a good old accident. Whatever it takes to help you to learn more about life and improve the quality of your thoughts that lead to your actions.

Experiences are made up of your interactions with family friends and other people, mixed with how you connect to planet earth and beyond. It is important that we take responsibility for our experiences as it is our choice to have them, consciously or unconsciously. If we fail to learn from them they will just keep repeating them even though they may come in other forms. We get to choose the experiences we have good and bad and indifferent. Whichever one you choose it is your life. Learn from them and choose wisely as they affect the way you think and the actions that follow.

Karma can be a very challenging concept to a lot of people due to the lack of understanding of its real meaning. Most people either associate it with fate that cannot be changed or as most of Asia sees it as a constant wheel of many lives that are predestined like a mouse on a running wheel. The truth is that it is tied to your thoughts and actions and is played out to your tune, this can be changed. Sometimes your thoughts and actions are so strong it is like a mighty river set on its course and this will require a mighty effort to change the course of the river. When it comes to collective karma this is the same principle only it played out on a larger scale, for example the family karma, the town karma, the state karma, the country karma and the world karma. All of these will have some effect on your life as you are part of it. Karma works in harmony with Time and Space. This discussion does not have the space at this time to deal with the many lives we live but your karma is very much a part of them.

Freewill is one of our greatest gifts and to be used very wisely. It gives the choice to choose whether it be right or wrong. We must take responsibility for our choices and realise the affect that they have on our lives. It is one of the most beautiful gifts we have let us use it for the good of all.

Environment governs our lives in many ways take for example if you were born in India, the way of life would be very different to a person born in Australia. The way you would think about life and the way you would choose to live your life would be affected by your environment. This can come down to the town you live in as well as the family environment all playing out in the choices you make on a day to day basis. We need to take time to understand the effect our environment plays out in our lives.

Thought, now that we are aware of all of the above we can examine the way we think and why we think the way we do and how these thoughts play out on a day to day basis in our lives. Adjust your thinking and you will adjust your life.

Action is the natural progression of our thoughts but do not be deceived and think that our actions are only what we see. For example if you hate someone so bad but don’t have the guts to kill them because you are afraid of the consequences, that anger has to go somewhere and it will. It will turn its attention inward and will manifest itself in a self-destructive disease. This is not to say that all disease is due to wrong emotion but it can play a big part in the illnesses that people have.

So next time you question your actions look for the thoughts behind them. If you can not find the source then look to find the source of that thought to see if it comes from Heredity, Life Education, Experiences, Karma (both collective and personal), Freewill or Environment and you will find its sorce.