Energetic Plane

Many are now starting to understand that energetic medicine is the way of the future. Is there evidence to support this claim?

Most people are now familiar with ECG, EEG and MRI Scans. None of these diagnostic devices would work if we were not energetic beings.

Discoveries have been made over the last 200 years that support the theory of healing through energetic principles. Some people are not aware of these discoveries and this information is just now starting to be accepted by authorities.

But I believe the time has come for people to see the history of a vast number of scientists who have put forth huge efforts and time to show that we are made of energy and this knowledge can improve the quality of life.

The following will be the history of the events that have led to today’s technological break throughs. While it is only a small summary of events I believe it should be enough to whet your appetite to do further research on this subject.