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Do you want to let go of all the old emotional baggage that is weighing you down?

Maybe this brand new meditation 2- CD set could help you?

One CD is entirely instrumental.

The second CD has three meditations, and an Introduction to Meditation.

The 45 minute meditation guides you through a series of essential oil applications, guided visualisations and breathing techniques while you enjoy the beautiful pure sounds. You may use this on your own or with a groups of your friends.

The 15 minute meditation has been added to give you a quick way to deal with situations or feelings that occur and could quickly ruin your day unless you get those feelings under control.

You also have the option of using the Harmony Chakra cleanse as a stand alone meditation. Perfect for keeping your auric body crystalline.

Lisa Blainey-Lewin Meditation CD

Gentle caring meditations are to allow you to let go of all emotions, thoughts, feelings and negative experiences that are holding you back from realising your true potential. Use by yourself or with friends.

"Set Yourself Free" consists of two CD's and a small colour booklet.

The first CD is instrumental with beautiful sounds of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bell, Elfin Chimes, Medicine Drum and Tuning Forks.

The second CD combines the music with three guided meditations and a track for newcomers to meditation on breathing and the basics.

Use with the Essential Oils 'Feeling Kit" by Young Living for maximum benefit.


In August 2009 we moved to a new home over four hours away from my family and friends.

This left a gap for many of our clients, some who had been coming to us for over 13 years.

While you can find a massuse, many said what they missed most was our meditations. The chimes, the breathing, the smell of the oils.

The girls nights in, the meditation evenings, and the need to chill out after work.