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The Lifestyle Energy Transformation System
Bringing Harmony to Your Life

Our bodies are amazing energy systems, with energy that flows in from the cosmos, energy that circulates through and around our physical being, and energy that flows out from us.
Our environment, genetics and ultimately thought patterns all affect the flow and balance of energy in our systems. When an imbalance occurs we can experience dis-ease – or a reverse in polarity in both our body and mind. Resetting the flow of energy changes everything.
The Lifestyle Energy Transformation System combines ancient wisdom with the latest technology to detect & remove blockages in energy flow, restoring harmony and grace.
Acting on five planes of existence, this unique system restores harmony and balance within the body, mind, energy, spirit and heart.

The Lifestyle Energy Transformation System offers a powerful System to Balance and Harmony

System Component Addresses
Scleragraphics Used to read the lines on the whites of the eyes and soles of the feet to reinforce assessment and session effectiveness.
Young Living Essential Oils Used to activate the Meridians and help with the removal of cellular toxins, membrane repair & improved cell energy transfer.
Providing proper cell nutrition and assist membrane repair. Used to support chemical free lifestyle.
Coloured Light Therapy Activates and enhances energy flow through the fourteen meridians of the body and activate the chakras.
Universal Multi Dimensional Oscillator (UMDO) or
Galactic Multi Dimensional Oscillator (GMDO)
Brings balance to the energy systems that flow into the body, through the body and out of the body.
Balances the emotional system creating a feeling of wellbeing assisting people to change their thinking patterns.
Tesla’s Innovational Technologies Products Strengthen the auric field and reduce the effects of geopathic stress on the body. Reduce the harmful effects of EMFs, geopathic stress on you and your home.

This is your Opportunity to Become a Lifestyle Energy Consultant

Become a Lifestyle Energy Consultant and build a viable business quickly and effectively. We supply the training and business systems you need to get up and running within a couple of days, allowing you to concentrate on transforming your customer’s lives with this innovative, cutting edge technology. How amazing would it be to make it YOUR life’s work to help others leave stress behind and live life in harmony and balance? Being your own boss in a business you love.

As a Lifestyle Energy Consultant you can:

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