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Deep Muscle Therapy

This introduction is designed to give you an insight to Deep Muscle Therapy (D.M.T.)

Primarily you will read of the results that people have achieved in relieving their problems using Deep Muscle Therapy. May the reader keep in mind that the majority of muscle problems do not occur overnight. These problems are usually a build up of  tension and stress placed on the muscles over a period of time. When this tightness reaches the pain threshold, that is when people first acknowledge that they have a problem, though the problem may have begun long ago.

The basic principle of a healthy body is to have healthy blood which can only be achieved by good circulation. If each and every cell of the body is well nourished and healthy, then so too will the whole body be healthy. Our cells get sick and we get sick.
Surrounding each cell is Lymphatic fluid, obviously the purity of the lymph depends on the quality of the blood and the vigour of the circulation. The cleansing action of the lymph being as important as the nourishing action.

To achieve Homeostasis (perfectly balanced body chemistry), the blood and the lymph must flow freely - rich in nutrients, oxygen and free of unwanted substances and toxins. 
One of the major factors restricting the flow of the blood and lymph is tight muscles. When the muscles, particularly the deeper layers, are in spasm there is a ‘clamping’  effect on the arteries which slows the circulation and inhibits the lymphatic flow. These spasms (and subsequent adhesions) may be present for years, affecting every single organ and tissue in the body - the liver, heart, brain etc.

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