Heart Quest

Is for Educational and Research. No Medical Claims are made.

Heart Quest is an advanced, non-invasive assessment software system that looks at the human biorhythms and regulatory systems. It is designed for educational and research use.

It allows you to quickly monitor the rhytmic patterns of the heart rate (this is know as Heart Rate Variability or HRV) by extracting data from an electro-cardio signal in the broadband frequency. The HQ's capabilities extend far beyond the information from a typical HRV system.

The HQ allows you to view the total indices of:

  1. The autonomic nervous system
  2. Neuro-hormonal system
  3. Psycho-emotional state
  4. Brain electrical activity
  5. Meridians
  6. Aura
  7. Chakras

The HQ views the intricate web of interconnections regulating our highly complex physiology. It also has a educational balancing program.