Heavenly Music with Divine Intention

Harp music by Kim Kirkman

David played the Harp to soothe King Sauls Heart. Kim Kirkman has captured the sound of David and is truely a master when it comes to playing the Harp and has done an excellent job with all 4 CDs in this section.

I believe a sacred inner and outer space nourishes a beautiful soul. These CDs are all recorded in 432hz and work beautifuly with the Tesla's Starhenge, Light Chamber, Transcender, Heartsender and Young Living Essential Oils.

Of course they can be listened to, and enjoyed independently. Many have found just by listening to this CDs that they have found a deep connection to their heart and experienced a deep inner peace.

If you are NOT a member of Young Living and would like to purchase the Essential Oils mentioned in the CD's you can buy them by clicking on the website below and type their name, ie Present Time in the search box. Or you can call me.


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Journey of the Starhenge

Journey of the Starhenge was composed and played by Kim Kirkman in the Tesla's Starhenge. It has three beautiful tracks.
Track one infuses frequencies to help fulfill intentions.
Track two helps to balance and settle new energies within.
Track three leves you feeling refreshed and alive.

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