SIMPLICITY in Marketing Compliance

You can easily share Young Living's products and opportunity while remaining compliant.

This information is shared with you to help you understand what you can and can't say. Everyone, even healthcare professionals have personal responsiblity. Here at Golden Pathways to Harmony we adhere to industry professional standards. The information below is courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils Australia.

The complementary (natural/alternative) healthcare industry is very heavily regulated in Australia, to protect people against poor quality products and ones that make unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims. Young Living does not make therapeutic claims about its products and nor should its members.

A therapeutic claim includes the following: Use in or in connection with

  1. Preventing, diagnosing, curing or alleviating a disease, ailment, defect or injury in humans.
  2. Influencing, inhibiting or modifying a physiological process in humans;
  3. Testing the susceptibility of humans to a disease or ailments.

It is a costly and ongoing process to ensure that our products and marketing comply with such regulations, but it is a process that we are committed to, so that we can protect the future of Young Living's products and business in Australia for years to come.

Young Living distributors must observe and adhere to these standards. They are explained thoroughly in our Policies and Procedures, a current copy of which is available at all times to distributors in their secure Virtual Offices.

Member-Developed Materials
Should a distributor decide to produce &/or use materials other than those from YL Australia (including business cards &/or stationery), such distributors must clearly identify that the material is from an Independent Distributor and not Young Living.

Wording that appears in the current Australian product catalogue should be used to facilitate compliance. It is the distributor's responsibility to maintain this according to the most current edition of the catalogue at any time.

No therapeutic claims may be made. The distributor is responsible for knowing & complying with all requirements of regulatory bodies. Such material must be produced in a professional& tasteful manner. Violations may subject a distributor to the sanctions allowed under these Policies & Procedures. Such material must prominently use the words "Independent Distributor", your member name & member number to clearly identify that the material is not produced by Young Living.

Compliance with regulatory bodies is a complex, costly & ongoing exercise. YL encourages its distributors to promote its products through use of materials obtained
from YL Australia. This material is copyrighted and should not be reproduced written permission.


Advertising through any medium at all must be done in accordance with all applicable laws. The Distributor is responsible for knowing and complying with all requirements of regulatory bodies. YL's "TGA Listed" products (indicated by AustL on the label) may not be advertised by distributors or shown in self-produced materials.

Third Party Materials
At all times, including displays and meetings, any 3rd party research or educational materials must be kept separate from YL products/materials otherwise such
nformation could be considered a therapeutic claim.

Trade Shows & Expos
You may display &/or sell YL products at trade shows and expos. All literature displayed at the event must be official YL (Australia) literature and both your display signage & materials must clearly identify yourself as the Independent Distributor.

Commercial Outlets
You may display Young Living's products in commercial outlets where professional services are the primary source of revenue and product sales are secondary, such as approved service-oriented establishments, including, but not limited to, health spas, beauty shops, practitioners' offices.

Meetings &/or Testimonials
You must take every precaution to ensure that any testimonials given are not breaching any laws, including but not limited to:

Repackaging & Relabeling
You may not relabel, alter the labels of, repackage or refill any YL product. YL's products must be sold in their original containers only. Such relabeling or repackaging
would violate governing laws, which could result in severe criminal penalties.

The guidelines in the Advertising and Promotional Policies section, in particular,should become second nature to distributors (listed at the end of this page)
1. When you are marketing Young Living products, only use materials that you have obtained from Young Living's Australian office or directly from the Young Living Australian website. (see end of this page for member-developed material guidelines)
2. When doing presentations, use Young Living's official presentation materials and DVDs obtained from Young Living's Australian office.
3. If you wish to do an educational presentation using research papers and scientific studies, such information should not be linked to Young Living products if it could constitute a therapeutic claim.
4. Please note that the production or distribution of notes from any YL event is prohibited.
5. We are not permitted to prescribe and diagnose - nor are our distributors. People seeking natural ways of achieving and maintaining wellbeing in all areas can make their own informed choices by learning more through reliable reference books, courses and research reports, while consulting with a healthcare practitioner who is sympathetic to their preferred modalities. You can still assist such friends, family and acquaintances by helping them locate such reference and research materials.
6. Testimonials should be balanced, general and representative of typical results. Please review the Testimonials section in the Policies for more information.
7. You may not attempt to respond to media enquiries regarding YL, its products or services, or your independent YL business. All enquiries by any type of media must immediately be referred to YL Compliance. This will ensure that accurate and consistent information reaches the general public.

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